® Sensational Fix

Interested in art since the LEGO™ passed into the background. Premature raider in tech, I immediately felt attracted by typography and creating artwork by computer. At a early age I learned to handle by my own with design programs like Photoshop, Illustrator or Quark Xpress thanks to familiar referents. I also found artistic references in some artists like Basquiat, Keith Haring, Francis Bacon, etc, in my painting classes with Javier Aristi y David Fernández (La Cabeza Caliente Collective).

After getting bored of painting plaster statues and modeling Greco- Roman medallions in art school I decided to find a job for paying the classes of what really fascinates me, designing. Thus, while working in the evenings as telemarketer in a insurance company, I started attending classes at the School Trazos Madrid (one of the most valued design schools in Spain), I’ve studied the Digital Arts Career and a course of screenplay. Reinforcing things I had learned on my own and the basics of HTML & CSS. Couple years later studied the Diploma in Advertising Creativity, highlighting in matters of corporate branding, art direction, graphic design and publishing.

Passionate of the little details, extremely demanding with the work (the best or nothing), always trying to find the most practical solution, minimalist. I think the best leaning is achieved through the collaboration with other people. I feel comfortable working in groups whose have knowledge about subjects not mastered, and whose I can learn from.

I hate stagnation, need to see things and learn something everyday. Sometimes stubborn, when I see something that I like, I want to try it by my own, so I can spend my nights messing around until I achieve it. Constant and project planner, I hate letting things undone.